Working in one color pallet at a time, allowing the textures to inspire, I create a variety of garments such as skirts, pants, shirts, vests, coats and matching accessories.

This is why I can not offer standard lead times for all items... I make everything myself, by hand, with great attention to quality, artistry, and detail.

My creative process begins by seeking out fabrics rich in color & texture, vintage buttons, and and ends exquisite embellishments using techniques such as free stitch embroidery and appliqué.


[Note: The purpose of this page is as backup to address several things, when linked to from various pages... on a policy page about lead times, a page about the value of hand-made fabric art vs. mass produced clothing, etc. etc It should also go on to show some of the involvement clients get, like selecting pockets and buttons, talking about alternate uses so their garment can be modular, so used in different ways (which, again, would be back up for that bullet point on a page bout cost/price/value).]

Can also talk here about the tailor/couture process... selecting materials, being fitted correctly, etc.