z... DEV PAGE: Marketing-Testimonials-Landing Pages-Etc


[Note: Some rough ideas of pages/testimonials that can solve frequent customer objections and perhaps could be marketing/landing pages for same.]


Testimonials are a way to address specific customers and concerns… like,

The older crowd:

“I’m over 50 and didn’t think I’d find something I felt sexy and comfortable in but, I feel right at home—more myself somehow. I deserve a little bit of fancy and get complements all the time. Ann has something for any age!”

Price (Everyday wear customers):

“I was hesitant to treat myself because the prices were higher than I was used to but the more I learned about the difference between mass produced clothing hand-made “couture”… well, I’m glad I did. What I’ve bought from Circle Couture over the years always holds up better over time and it’s like wearing a piece of art!”

“I love that I can wear Ann’s stuff to anything… client meeting, board room, festival, grocery store. And the layering possibilities, so versital!”

Price (High end custom customers):

“The versatility is incredible… and the way she things everything out. She made my wedding dress in such a way that I can detach and assemble it in different ways, for different events. So I didn’t just get the most amazing wedding dress… I got ….”